M.D. Ramothwala – Associate Director


On the 1st of October 2013 we entered into an association relationship with Mr Mafona Daniel Ramothwala to head the Litigation Department in the space of Mr KT Mokoena who is now practising for own account. Mr Ramothwala has the following experience:


In 1996, Ramothwala was appointed as a candidate attorney at MacRobert Incorporated Attorneys and
became its first black candidate attorney. Having been an employee of Bophuthatswana Transport Holdings which was the client of MacRobert Incorporated Attorneys, Ramothwala was identified by the senior partners
of the law firm aforesaid and requested to join the firm as a candidate attorney in which he was trained as an attorney for a period of 1996 to the end of 1997.  He was admitted as an attorney and conveyancer of the High Court in 1998 and worked in the commercial and property divisions of MacRobert Incorporated Attorneys until the end of 1998.  During his stay in MacRobert Incorporated Attorneys, Ramothwala was placed on an accelerated development program in which he worked in all the sections of the firm which included estates and Trusts, medical law, insolvencies, liquidations and administration of estates, banking law, commercial contracts, constitutional and public administration laws, corporate and company law, criminal law, energy and environmental laws, intellectual property, copyright and trademarks, labour law, land claims and evictions, general litigation, matrimonial law, media law, mortgage bond and securities litigations, personal injury and insurance laws, property and conveyancing practices, general property law and mining laws.

The intention was to develop Ramothwala into a formidable attorney capable of holding a senior position in the firm.  However, due the change in leadership of the firm, as some of the senior partners at MacRobert retired who were then in favour of transformation, Ramothwala had to leave MacRobert at the end of 1998 to form his own law firm which was known as Ramothwala Lenyai Incorporated and started to operate in 1999.


He practised law under the style, Ramothwala Lenyai Incorporated, from the years 1999 to 2008 when the firm was disbanded.  In 2008 he established MD Ramothwala & Company Incorporated as a consultancy practice which assumed the profile of Ramothwala Lenyai Incorporated.  The profile of MD Ramothwala & Company Incorporated is clear as to the current position of Ramothwala.  It covers a wide area of commercial law and contracts in both public and private sector.  His clientele covers corporate, public sector, parastatals and private sector.

In his career of 17 years, Ramothwala has advised a wide variety of clients on a wide range of topics such as the Public Finance Management Act and treasury regulations, tax, Public Service Act, Promotion of Administrative Justice Act, legal contractual strategic management as well as on socio-political legal issues.

He is essentially a commercial and property law attorney with special emphasis on risk, conflict management and resolution.  The scope of his qualifications broadly covers management of various legal disputes and resolution thereof, corporate governance and legal risk averting.

Areas of Practice

  • Notaries
  • Family Law
  • Third Party Claims
  • Debt Collection
  • Conveyancing
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Labour Litigation
  • Liquidation & Sequestrations
  • Administration of Estates
  • Criminal Litigation

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