Leading the way

“… M.T Silinda & Associates is one the fastest growing and leading black law firm in Mpumalanga Province. This distinction stems from the firm’s depth of insight, having been involved in various landmark infrastructure development projects….”
Client service is the cornerstone of MT Silinda & Associates Incorporated. We  pride ourselves on our intimate understanding of our clients industries and marketplaces. We also know that today’s enterprises are facing unprecedented changes in the business, regulatory, and global landscapes, and we have the knowledge and experience to assist our clientele to confidently adapt to such challenges with state of the art legal solutions and expertise .


ARESOURCEFUL: The breadth of our knowledge, covering everything from developing financing models, structuring and raising of finance, enables us to offer our clients practical ideas and solutions without reinventing the wheel.We have all the resources and expertise of a small to medium sized law firm to ensure that our clients receive prompt and practical advice.

BUNDERSTANDING: Our business and strategic input at all stages of the transaction helps to ensure that the process moves smoothly and maximises the prospects of continual success. Our starting point is always to gain an in-depth understanding of our clients’ business objectives, their organisation and the infrastructure project itself from our network of partners. We assign personnel that are directly relevant and appropriate to clients’ requirements.

CWORKING AS A TEAM: We enjoy close working relationships with clients as this enables all the parties to leverage their knowledge for the benefit of the project. It then becomes practicable to delegate tasks to other team members wherever appropriate.

DCONFIDENTIALITY: We adhere to our professional ethics of keeping our client’s matters confidential and undertake not to disclose our client’s matters to third parties unless required by legislation.